Mental health first aid training for individuals and businesses


Next course: 26 February & 5 March 2022 (9.30am-5pm each day): BOOK HERE

Synergie Counselling is offering mental health first aid training, in association with facilitators trained by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England.

The training - which is suitable for individuals and businesses - looks at how to maintain good mental health, as well as how to spot signs of mental ill health and intervene in a helpful way.

Training is offered face-to-face (not online) at our Hillingdon centre. The training is offered to groups of no more than 12, taking place over two days, with certificates offered at the end.

Next training: To be announced.

To register your interest, please call Rene Bates on 01895 254660 or send an email, giving your name and contact details (click on link at bottom of page).


What is mental health first aid? 

There is a stigma around mental health, but happily we are now speaking about it more and more, which is a good thing - the more people can recognise and respond to signs of mental health conditions, the better it will be for us all.

Recent statistics for the UK show that 1 in 4 people experience a diagnosable mental health condition each year, with 15 people taking their life each day in 2017. We want to drive these numbers down.

Our two-day mental health aid training is designed for everyone - no prior knowledge or experience in mental health is required.

The course takes people on a journey to understand what mental health is, focusing on three key areas

  • Prevention: Understanding factors that can influence mental health, addressing stress, the importance of self-care, exercise, a nutritious diet and a healthy sleep routine.
  • Early intervention: Spotting signs of poor mental health, how to intervene (including in a crisis) and listening and communicating non-judgementally.
  • Signposting to support: Knowing ways to access support including counselling, therapy, peer support, self-help, medication, and getting emergency help in a crisis.


In particular, the course:

  • Explores the stigma attached to mental health;
  • Explores the (often unhelpful) language used around mental health;
  • Explores what good mental health looks like;
  • Identifies factors that can impact on mental health;
  • Looks at how we can support ourselves and others with self-care, offering skills and techniques;
  • Talks about recovery from mental illness;
  • Teaches about diagnosable mental health conditions - what unwell looks like and how to spot these signs in yourself or others;
  • Talks about what to do if we think someone is unwell and the steps to take for early intervention;
  • Teaches how to intervene (including in a crisis), reassure and signpost to further support.


Our trainers are licensed by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, which was founded in 2007 as a Licensed Provider of Mental Health First Aid training from MHFA International, based in Australia, which was founded in 2000.

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