Training courses


Our training courses are run at our sites in Hillingdon, Middlesex, and Dudley, West Midlands, led by professionally trained counsellors and tutors.

In a friendly and supportive atmosphere, you will be encouraged to explore counselling skills by looking at theory and through group discussion and practising with your peers.

Training to be a counselling involves self-reflection to build up awareness about our thoughts and feelings. This can feel challenging, but it is done at a pace that is appropriate for the level of training and in a supportive and non-judgemental environment. Self-reflection is important for counsellors because it helps them to empathise and relate to others.

Training involves a certain amount of written work, ranging from note-taking in the early stages to weekly journaling and essay writing in the latter stages. At all stages there is a chance to practice your new skills.

As you advance through the training there will also come a point where you are required to undertake one-to-one counselling yourself - the cost of which is in addition to the training fees.

Having counselling skills can be useful in all walks of life and in our personal life. It offers insights into how the human psyche works and into our motivations, hopes and wishes. In this way, the training can be helpful even if you do not go on to practice professionally as a counsellor.

The training can be challenging at times but is highly rewarding. Those who undergo training often find that they feel in the benefit in their lives and relationships.

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